Joler Niche Pa Dubabi Na…

Joler Niche Pa Dubabi Na…
composed by Shashanko Goshai.

Baul song and dance by Tomomi Paromita
(The actual performance starts from around 1:20)

This was a part of a festival of Indian (so-called) folk dances and songs that I organised on 30th Jan 2022.

A digest:

And a few of the other programs on the day.

(You might have found me singing here too 🙂 )
This is Thiruvathirakali, a Kerala folk dance by Prakrti let by Tomoe Tara Irino.


Old and present Kalbeliya dance by Rajasthani Madhu and Rangi Phool.


Tamizh folk dance, Paraiattam by Nrithyanjali led by Taeko Kurokawa.

They are all my favourite people ☺️

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