Banaiya Rongmohol Ghor…

The architect of this splendid mansion
is in this house itself.
The pillars of bones,
canopy of skin,
and how they are connected;
how beautiful are they?

Eight rooms and nine doors,
eighteen men at eighteen corners.
Sun and moon shine bright
in the house incessantly.

Each door has a guard,
and there are police stations
and courts.
The officer in charge
is the prince of wisdom.
Decisions are to be made by him.

This house, the spaces
filled with wind;
it is not an easy task
to catch the man
who goes in and out,
chanting the two-syllable mantra.

Humble Sarat says,
O listen, my ignorant heart!
Close the door tight
and search within.
If you could find that man,
you will transcend time and death.

Translation by Paromita

A composition by Sarat.

Video shooting by Takeshi from Muriwui.

This is from November 2020.

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