I’ve translated William Dalrymple’s “Nine Lives”, published in January this year.

It has been a year, so amazingly, since my last post, and although I have never forgot about this website and the projects I was thinking of for here (though well, I don’t think I ever really told anyone about them), time has just flew as it does.

The biggest news during this time would naturally be the publication of the Japanese edition of “Nine Lives” by William Dalrymple, on 17th January from Shueisha, which I translated mainly in 2020 and was looking for the publisher for.

I spoke/wrote about it in detail here in this Instagram post.




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I do plan for more posts, including the videos of my more recent performances. Quite honestly I wish to delete the older videos, but I will perhaps make that decision later, as my honest record of evolution might hold some value of its own… Well, maybe. I must think about it. Really…

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